About Tatvas

Tatvas provides spiritual solution for the true seekers. We have solutions that address the need of beginners as well as for advanced practitioners of yoga and meditation. Our aim is to raise the consciousness of every individual to allow them to become better Humane Beings, where they are Free inside and live a life Healthier and Happier.  
We believe that each seeker has his/her own method of connecting to the Universal Energy and provide different solutions to address this unique need. You can choose what best suits your learning aptitude based on your personality.

Books: Books written by His Holiness Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji that ranges from basic breathing to advanced kundalini awakening. Those who like to read and practice will find a treasure of knowledge in His books.

Yoga: For those who like to work out, Nav Dhyan Yoga classes is a unique 9 asanas programme which gets one flexible and fit.

Meditation: Advanced Meditation from ancient days brought back by His Holiness Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji, we have many meditations programmes the main program being- Ananth Yoga Dhyan which allows one to work at 4 levels of Body, Mind, Heart & Soul. Others include Divya Chetana ( Divine Consciousness), RudraPinaka Dhyan and Nav Dhyan
These courses are conducted at our centers in Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai in India. You can get in touch with the centers here

Cds: Music that ranges from bhajans to sounds that allows one to go deep into the state of meditation