The Art of Breathing-New Edition

Maitreya's new edition book - The Art of Breathing, is sure to throw a good deal of light upon the scientific basis and research of the ancient knowledge that is still lingering within the spiritual realms. In the new avatar of the earlier Soul Searchers - The Art of Breathing, Maitreya brings to the world this brand new edition which goes deeper into the depths and subtlety of the Breath. The earlier book had seen 12 editions and 2 translations in Russian and Spanish. A world bestseller, this book will change the meaning of your very living itself.
Esteemed readers shall find a good deal in the book that can only be shown to be true by long and diligent experiment. Those who are devoted to the pursuit of truth without prejudice will no doubt be ready to wait before they form any opinion about such portions of the book. Others it is useless to reason with.
From time immemorial even before the concepts of eastern or western philosophies developed or even the concepts of compiled knowledge came into force, breath was something which mankind first realised and worked upon.
The primordial concept of discovery was the essence and awareness of breath which permeates every single life force around us. Thus we can say the primordial essence which binds us all together is the force of breath and this was the biggest discovery which allowed rest of the concepts to develop and grow. Over several thousands of years the discovery was fine tuned and understood at various levels by different segment of people and the same spread through the world unbiased and unrestrained, without the boundaries of language, culture, creed, sex holding them back.
Over the years the names and cultures have started to fight over the supremacy of their find and knowledge, but one universal fact remains and that is life is absolutely and completely dependent upon the Art of Breathing. It is the original source of power that allows one to live, not confined to humans but is a rule of omnipresence and its force omnipotent, combined with omniscience of supreme consciousness.
The book deals in depth the

Knowing Life Force
Beginning of the Breathing
Living the Breath
Essence of Breath
Composition of Breath
Five Souls of Life
Art of Breathing – Practical Techniques
1. A Beginning
2. Awareness of Breathing
3. Baby’s Breath(Sishuāna)
4. Vishüddi Prāna (Rectification Breathing)
5. Spürāna Prāna(Pulsating breath)
6. Prāna Kala(Art of Breathing)
7. Parināta Prāna Kala(Advanced Art of Breathing)
8. Avarāna Sāma(Alpha Level)
9. Hand Posture(Visnü Mudra)
10. Nadi Shodhana(Channel Cleansing)
11. Antara/Bahya Kumbhaka(Breath Retention on Inhale/Exhale)
12. Ujjayi Prāna Kala (Breath of Ocean)
13. Sheetali and Sheetkari Prāna Kala (Cooling Breath )
14. Brahmari Prāna Kala (Breathing Bee)
15. Antār Spürāna(Inner Invocation)
16. Antar Sabda(Inner Voice)
17. Calling to the Universal Soul

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