AumIn the beginning there was nothing in the universe and was in total darkness with the divine energy flowing everywhere. This divine energy is called by many names Sadashiva; Narayana Tatva, God sense. The state of this energy was in sublime state of awakened consciousness. This energy of awakened consciousness formed the basis of creation and once these two energies ie: sublime state and awakened consciousness merged together a divine sound emanated.

Bible says ‘In the beginning was the ‘word’ and the word was the God’ and the word was with God’.

Hindus called this word as Sabdabrahma. Aumkar the divine sound announcing the birth of this universe known as the primordial sound that emanated when the universe came into existence. Ancient Rishis and sages through their penance and undying efforts and research had found that Aum was indeed the true divine sound that had the power to allow even a lay man to discard the path of material world to reach the higher levels of divinity.

Covering colour pictures of Aum and subtle techniques for reaching within the self to become aware of the truth.

Pages : 100

Size: 8 ½” x 8 ¼” Illustration: Colour and Black & White>.

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