Baal Mitra Shamas Chant

Baal Mitra Shamas - the Mantra of the One

Baal Mitra Shamas is a simple non-religious chant. Given to Maitreya by the Lord Creator Himself.

Baal is the cosmic origin, Mitra is the Cosmic Intelligence and Shamas is the Cosmic Energy.
The chant works on subtle cosmic levels and relieves a person of stress at the Body Mind and Soul level.
This chant can be chanted at any time of the day by any one.This chant is universal, of love, of peace , from the origin and will help you evolve beyond normal comprehension of daily life.

Experience One:

A divine soul played the chant in soft tones in the hospital room where her father was admitted after an accident.
The injections and medications would make her father drowsy but whenever he woke up, he was irritated and anxious. She then started to play the chant and she found marked reduction in his frustration and anxiety and by the third day, her father's need for medication also had come down apart from keeping him calm.

Experience Two:

Another divine soul procured the photograph of Baal Mitra Shamas to meditate upon. Her daughter had examinations coming up so the atmosphere at home was working itself up along with sleepless nights.
She decided to get the chant to play softly in the background in the mornings, afternoons and evenings when the family was together.
Her husband, known for his short temper and hectic schedule, was coming down hard on their daughter for her seemingly frivolous attitude towards her exams.
In just under a week, the lady observed that the family time, usually at the dining table, was more peaceful than before.
Her daughter was also more confident than before. This made her observe the situation more closely.
She found out that the daughter, who was usually not interested in a couple of subjects, has started faring better in them. The results which came a month and a half later proved the daughter's mettle

Experience Three:

As told by Maa Lalitambika - "There is a divine soul who is related to one of my close friends. He is just 36, detected with a brain tumour two years ago. He had come to our place last year. He was on unani medication, not on chemo or any allopathic treatment. He had a little problem balancing on his leg and was undergoing physiotherapy and had come to the city for consultation. For me, he looked so divine and I felt he was just my brother. As we started chanting the holy mantra Baal Mitra Shamas. I saw Lord Baal , the child energy jumping around this boy, sitting on his lap and I was looking at the whole thing with awe. I did understand, the boy had the kind of purity of a child, so latent in him. He took the Maitreya vibhuti - the holy ash and the Baal Mitra Shamas chant cd and a small photo with him.
  He came back with his family 6 months later for a function and they came visitng. Lovely family. He was quiet for a while when we were chatting and later started talking calmly. He stood up went near the altar in our house and said,'I do not know. I am just an ardent Shiva devotee. My very pious grandfather and father had passed on their Shiv pooja to me and I do pray and meditate on the dear Lord. During the physiotherapy sessions, i used to chant Baal Mitra Shamas and when i did that and i was asked to stand on one foot, I would see a golden staff right in front of me. I would be slipping but by holding that i would stand and slowly the staff would become broad pillar of light' . He was in tears as he told this and we were all too, i just simply hugged him. He was a fortunate one".

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