The Cosmic Tree Mandala for Prosperity - 12"x12"

The Cosmic Tree which is a Divine Mandala Design for prosperity in one’s life.

This was specially created by Guruji Maitreya on a request for people to fulfill desires of prosperity
An ideal gift to be given to families and friends which has a genuine sense as a gift with real intention of progress in anothers' life.
The intention itself starts manifesting by the gifting process and consideration.
This can be kept in the North East section of the room or used as a desktop piece.

Specification: Wall Frame  - 12x12 inches in Textured Fine Art with archeval printing mounted and is  framed

The print quality without any glass covering has a life of 50 years +
The watermark as shown in the image will not be there in the actual print.
Time taken for delivery: approx 7 working days.


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