Drop It- Practical Guide To Self Enlightenment

Drop it is a the pinnacle of Maitreya's teachings which carries the actual way forward for Humanity. It shows the way where each one of us can truly realise one self and then be ready to see, experience the Light. This is called Enlightenment.

This moment is divine. Live this moment to the fullest; for it will never come again.This book is an active process of taking one from the state of material understanding to the state of supreme understanding using the medium known and understood by the modern people.Simple pleasures of life are taken as medium to provide the way to the divinity of life itself.

This book provides three-way process: Unwind all that is loaded onto your psyche and bring yourself closer to the divine energy hidden in your inner consciousness.

Drop all the events.

Drop everything you know.

Drop all to find the truth.

The purpose of the book is to allow you to know the ways of dropping all the dirt you have accumulated over the years It depends on you how long the journey will take. Soul Searchers centers conducts practical and interactive course of Drop It which allows people to come together and truly explore and experiment the meaning of releasing the shackles. You may get in touch with the Searchers center in your city.

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