Maitreya the World Teacher

“Maitreya – The World Teacher” is a milestone in time.
The world has been waiting for long for the World Teacher. The true Maitreya is a Saint amongst us. Loving, with endless compassion for humanity.
His thoughts are of the ancient and original ways. Having experienced the Creator Himself at the age of 7, He has steadily moved very fast to compile the treatise Hidden Mysteries of the Kundalini and may esoteric books at the age of 26.
The book is a compilation of people’s experiences of the Divine, love, joy, healing and compassion through the grace of Maitreya. Miracles under His grace happen daily. Words are not enough to express the Divine ways He touches us at the soul level, bringing about the much needed succor the Soul thirsted for ages.


Only One who has had the Direct Experience of the Truth can guide us.
We acknowledge the Mahapurushas ( Saints and Enlightened beings in time) who have dived into the Ocean and can get us the taste of Divine nectar. What about the One who is the Ocean Himself? Such a person is born in this Yuga as the Messiah and is truly the World teacher. He becomes the Avatar of the Creator Himself.

This book is of real people who underwent transformations, and it allows the reader to understand, become aware that in today’s world people can experience the Divine and the Truth which is beyond conditions as we know since ages. When such experiences are known, one suddenly becomes aware of something which was always within us but hiding deep within and the possibility to be truly free inside now becomes a reality.


This leads to the experience of being childlike and innocent all over again leading to happiness and unconditioned states of life. This book is a must read to re-connect with one self, lest you forget your own purity as the divine child itself.

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