This book will take you slowly on a journey to gain a strong foundation required for evolution in the spiritual path.

NETRA, the title, symbolises the inner eye, which is the divine essence of spiritual energy. This energy when awakened properly allows one the connection with the spirit that is existing within and enables man to know, realize and accept that which is invisible yet existent in the whole cosmos.
The path cannot be found or gained with closed eyes – whether external or internal. It is so because the subtle essence of the undeniable, indivisible and invisible forces cannot be understood with limited mindset or conditional parameters. The power of observation is heightened with openness to accept and enter into a complete and honest relationship with oneself. This paves the way to gain pure understanding and awareness of the eternal self.

NETRA is the force of pure spiritual energy that can be achieved by practicing self-control, by perseverance, humility, openness and surrender to the path, and by accepting the one who shows the path. This power can never be acquired through any others means, nor is it possible for one to teach another this force of energy which he does not possess, for it has not been developed within the self.

NETRA – the book indicates to the way the latent force of psychic energy may be developed within each and every human being; there is no denying that the force is in existence within every human being yet only when it is awakened does it manifest internally and later externally and it is then when one can say it is in existence.

NETRA is the base for spiritual evolution. Once known, realized, understood and accepted, it shall work on the internal consciousness and slowly expand. This expansion is felt externally also as the acceptance reaches the levels of completeness. It is a seed that is sown in the depths of the fathomless consciousness allowing it to expand on the cosmic path of four ways bringing one to the state of knowing the truth in its subtlest manner. It allows the consciousness to work upon the subtle expansion with each passing moment.

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