Pinakashtakam Chant


Pinakashtakam is the song to the Aghorarupa of Shiva as Lord Pinakadrika.This ashtakam of 8, allows one to invoke and connect to the Lord.

Chanting of this on Mondays and Thursdays allows one to generate positive energy in the home and creates a protective grid for the people of the home. Chanting and singing of the Pinaka Ashtakam bestows the blessings of Lord Shiva.

Pinakashtakam bestows good health, wealth, happiness and peace to the family.  It allows one to activate the chakras of the body and balances them.  It allows the washing of the past karmas as one surrenders to the Lord. This is very beautifully and melodiously sung by Maa Lalithambika, disciple of Maitreya

Free along with it is the Supreme Prayer Book, which has the meaning of Pinakashtakam also captured.

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