Soul Searchers Meditations - The 9 Nights of Change -ebook version

This is a new series of ebooks which are simple and as ready reckoner for meditation practitioners.

Soul Searchers Meditation series brings the 1st of the series with The 9 Nights of Change. 

Navaratri (or The 9 Nights) plays a divine role in our life and these are the days of Mother Shakti and this period is crucial for spiritual cleansing, guidance and ways of self-realization.

For 2014 year the Navaratri starts from 25th Sep and ends on 3rd Oct 2014.

Each of these days are divided into sets of three and each represents a different bhava of Mother goddess. Each night and day represents the form which can lead one from the darkness of ignorance, egoistic activities to one of piousness

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