Sreekumar or ‘Sree' as he is  popularly called  started his journey into meditation and self realisation at a very young age and at the age of 26 met His Master His Holiness Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji in Delhi.Sree

Past 18 years has seen Sree working closely with His Master and to be initiated as a Reiki Master and in  Vajra Shakti Dhara under the Reiki Lineage in 1996.
On 7th Aug 2004, he was blessed with the Kundalini Diksha and the process to know the Truth was shown.  

He learnt the base of Mahashunya Kriya a way designed by His Holiness Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji to connect to the True Source, beginning with Ananth Yoga Dhyan, Param Dhyan, Shunya, Pranav, Mahamudra Kriya and then Mahashunya.

Over the years Sree was initiated into the way of Divya Chetana ( Divine Consciousness), Caitya Yoga ( Yoga of the Light).

In 2006 he started conducting various universal practical programs based on the principles of Self -Realisation, with a clear task to disseminate Ananth Yoga Dhyan in Bangalore - a way to lead a better life as a “Humane” being in an unconditioned state of pure nature, where he challenges one to question one self to remove the layers of ignorance and egoism created by the mind over centuries.

Now in Bangalore and Delhi he is holding 1 day to 3 day workshops on Ananth Yoga Dhyan which is a 18 hrs course into knowing your True Self working on the Breath.

With his teachings, he supports Soul Searchers, a socio spiritual organisation which works at the core of the individual to bring about the change required in society where life is led without corruption, stress, diseases and ego.
He is also an avid photographer. View his page at Living Lens
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