It is very easy and I am able to go into deep meditation with a lot of ease” – Nisha

     “The major difference in what I was doing previously and now is that earlier I was giving positive suggestions to my mind at a subconscious level to remove negativity from my life and now it's like connecting with "The Divine" and becoming selfless so that there is no place for anything negative in my life”- Komal

     “The experience was good. We got to know about the correct way to breathe, the different forces in our body, how to balance the forces” –Diana

    “Most of the things I learned over the years like yoga asanas etc. give some focus to breathing, but they never emphasized on why this was important. However, what you told us made a lot of sense and I can relate better now to my breathing. Ananth Yoga Dhyan benefits are better fitness and health, sound mind and body, better concentration, energy conservation, energy giving to others in need of it, ability to sense impending danger, connection with mother earth, grounding, etc.” – Julian 

    “I have been just focusing on Dhyana.... without the tool of right breathing which has been demotivating as it can only do so much. Am enjoying the calmness and sense of well being its imparting. Sree connected at a level which everyone understood, and it was a very happy and positive environment that he created”. – Upasna

    "Feelings are like waves which keep on coming once we sit in Dhyan and are difficult to stop but with the practice of Ananth Yoga, you come to know which wave is right to flow (swim) with" - Sandeep

    This gives you a method to meditate and also energy. Earlier I was just meditating on my own without any breathing technique. I think it is too early right now to say on benefits but yes after Ananth Yoga Dhyan I feel very energetic and am trying to overcome my emotional stress and calm myself. Had a great experience! Learnt the power of breathing and how it affects our physical and emotional health. After doing this course I am able to know myself better.” - Vandana