Waves Music for Meditation

Waves Music for Meditation – (Free meditation technique inside).

Sea waves are the natural form of energy that allow one person to go deeper within the self in an easy manner. The pull of Moon’s gravity and the axis of Earth greatly affect the pattern of waves in a span of 24 hours. Listen to this specially recorded Waves by Maitreya.

When you listen to it you will realise a unique sense of vibration deep within. The waves has its own frequency. WHen one is at the sea shore, one gets calmed down, though the waves are crashing onto the beach. When you meditate with this, the concept of the Self is lost suddenly. One gets reconnected to the endless Universe and the connection is regained with the Universal Self of the Divine Consciousness.

In the process you don't think of your daily problems, but on regular listening to this, one starts expanding within where with every breath the waves start to happen. People who have practised some form of healing or energy work will quickly realise the subtle energies flowing in the body, where one can feel the chakras resonating in a unique flow.

Benefits: Heals problems like insomnia, sinusitis, migraine, stress, tiredness and emotional blocks. Helps in meditation and improving focus.

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